Friday, March 19, 2004

Harvard system failure

One of the things I am generally despised for is my lame references to random politically incorrect cartoons and movies. About 100 times a day you will hear me break out into a strange voice, saying things like:

[cartman]There you go.[/cartman]

[Homer Simpson]Oh look! I can see my voice! (sings) There's my voice... on TeeeeeVeeeeeeh...bloob bloob bloob...toooot...toooot...hehehehe[/Homer Simpson]


[Mr Mackey]It doesn't feel wrong, mmmmkay. Drugs are bad mmmmkay[/Mr Mackey]

[Timmy] TIMMMMMMYYYYYY... waaaaaah.[/Timmy]

[cartman]RESPECT MAH AUTHORATAH![/cartman]

What makes this potentially embarrassing (not for me... I am having fun, and that's the main thing, but usually my friends cringe when in public) is that nobody ever seems to get the references. I am sure it doesn't help either that I am absolute crap at impersonating cartoon characters. Dom keeps advising me to just shut up. The smug bastard (;)). He just says this cos he knows he is *perfect* at impersonating.
I'm more like Conan O'Brien and his one impersonation voice: "Don't you molest mah boy." Which he says, is not only his Bill Clinton, but also his grandmother voice.
And I don't even look cute when I am doing it. *sigh*


I'm a creep... I'm a weirdo...

What the hell am I doing here
I don't belong here



Fine! Be like that!

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