Thursday, March 18, 2004

Have you been symlogged?

I have, this morning. It's that social science thingy of group observation and classifying the group members in terms of respecting authoratah and being positive and shit. Totally biased of course, cos others gotta evaluate you and that will be different (sometimes) from how you see yourself. Anyways, won't bore you with the details, except that I have, on paper, been categorized as a dominating bitch. Oh yeah baby. You know you like it that way. Well, that again is just my reading of their interpretation. As Maddy pointed out: "Pat, it's not measuring whether or not you are a bitch!"
Me: "Why am I in the bloody negative sector then?"
Katie: "But you're almost at the center... so you're almost not!"
Me: "I still am in the negative, tho!"
God I love picking a fight ;).
But at least I have it ink on paper now: I'm a rebel! \m/ \m/

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