Thursday, March 11, 2004

My pee on a tree

Why do I start a blog?
Well, there may be several reasons, and I dunno how valid any of them are, and I may have a different reason every day (or none)... but there are some, probably...

a) I guess I must be an attention whore. Anyone who posts their diary on the internet must be... c'mon.

b) Since Wil Wheaton made blogging the cool thing to do, everyone is doing it. And because the church and communism have turned me into a mindless follower, and because I want to be one of the Kool Kids (TM), I thought I just hop on the bandwagon and holler along.

c) I kinda feel almost bad that a lot of my friends are having blogs, and I sneak around in them, but I don't have one myself they can peep into. Not that I am gonna post my deep dirty secrets. Well, not all of them, anyways. And no, Jun, there will be no bikini pics. But continue to corrupt me, you may get lucky one day. ;)

d) one mildly acceptable reason may be that a diary is a good thing to keep friends updated to what is going on in my life, without forcing one of my novel-length emails onto them... plus, I don't really have the time to write to everyone regularly, which I feel really bad about. Though, to be honest, I'll prolly not have the time to post much here, cos I got a bloody degree to get.
But anyways, maybe whatever news there is, it may be mildly interesting to one or two souls out there... you know, at that point when they are so bored that they would do anything to kill time, read the ingredients of candybars, or something...

e) It's for the sake of writing. I always wanted to be a writer, and that is a way to practice... but otherwise I can't think of anything else. So there.


Yeah, alright...

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