Tuesday, April 20, 2004


Two of the most awesome people I know have their birthday today.

Happy Birthday Andi !!!!!!
World, meet Andi. Andi is an astonishing lad with a heart of gold and a smile that can brighten up your world - and most of all, he is an amazing musician. I have just spent a few hours of my life with him, but he has taught me more in those few hours about what matters in life and how to be a good person (without even saying anything) than many others have taught me in years. Andi's got a serene, beautiful soul that is old and young at the same time.
If you ever get to meet him (and I hope you do!), you will know what I mean.

Happy Birthday Demelza!!!!
World, meet Demelza (the one in pink). Demelza is one of my best girl friends. We met in Texas when we worked as au pairs in the same neighborhood. Demelza is beautiful inside and out, and we spent the greatest times together. I rarely see her because we are both so busy, but she really really means a lot to me.
Her family is just the most wholesome and sweetest bunch in the world, and she lives in a paradise, in the most picturesque English village.

Hugs to you guys. :)

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