Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Weird dreams Part IV

Ack, I am getting mildly worried now. I had another one of those dreams.
I'm sure it didn't help that I just finished "Hey Nostradamus", which is basically a novel about 4 characters directly and indirectly involved in a Columbine-like shooting. Like most stuff by Coupland, it is AMAZING, kind of based on the myth of Cassie Bernall or whatever her name was.

I can't remember much of this one, except that there was a gang of four kids, about 14 years old, dressed in black, with the most evil, vicious, demonic expressions you can imagine.
I was this weird person that changed roles a lot... at one point I was a teacher talking to a shy kid who was being bullied, and at some other point I was a student being hunted down.
All I remember is that those four kids were armed, and they wanted to hurt the shy kid, and I tried to protect him, but they shot him and his sister in front of my eyes.
And then they were after me, because I had tried to protect him. I tried to hide, get away by various means, but they always found me. Always. Like they could read my mind.
At one point I hid in the apartment of the old lady that used to live next to us when I was a kid. I thought they would never suspect me there, and she offered to hide me. I hid under the bed, when I heard them walk past the front door, searching through my old apartment.
And suddenly they appeared. Like it was the most logical thing for them that I would hide here, next.
They killed the old lady and then came for me.
They would shoot anyone I even got involved with.

In the end, I got so scared, I knew that the only way out, the only way to put an end to this, was to kill them.
We were on a rusty ship, suddenly, or a ferry... and they chased me through the bloody thing. Eventually the leader of the gang who looked a bit like the bad kid in "Stephen King's IT", caught up with me, and we struggled. I looked down at some point and saw the ship's propeller swirling in the water right underneath me. And somehow I managed to throw him overboard. I don't have to go into details what happened, right?

But I still couldn't trust that I was safe. I stared at his body parts drifting out there for ages. But for some reason, they stayed around the ship, randomly, but never moving away.
I saw his hand floating separately in the bronze water, his head and torso further off, the lower half of his body at a distance. He was really as dead as can be, and I was relieved, all the fear fell off me.
I turned away, and threw a last glance back... just to make sure.
And my heart stopped.
His hand had just been floating a second ago, but now it seemed to move towards the torso, and I watched in horror as it fused back together with his arm!!!
I panicked and ran towards the door, and then returned to see if my eyes had just tricked me.
What I saw was the Evil Kid hoisting his body back on board, pale with death still, and somehow more demonic than ever... he came crawling back, slowly, but fiercely determined.

I don't remember if he ever got me.

Bloody hell, maybe I should consider therapy. But they'll prolly lock me up. I mean, what on earth makes me dream this kind of stuff? I can't even hurt a fly (just occasional mosquitos, but hey, they are asking for it!)... why this?

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