Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Weird Dreams Endless Sequel Part I Lost Track

Heh, this is so weird (and was cool for a change, and not scary) that I have to write it down before I forget. I had that dream a couple of nights ago, brought to you by the freaky subconscious of yours truly.

I was living with a bunch of friends and we realised we had a beautiful vineyard in our cupboard. We decided to exploit that and make wine. Problem was, that as illegal. So we had to smuggle in bottles and do it secretly, and then sold them, and it went quite well.
Annoyingly, someone noticed and we had to run off. In the end we managed to find a place to hide and continued our dirty business.

I tried to get thru a market place where guards with machine guns have been set up to prevent any people with sausages and other meat products passing thru to prevent cross contamination (which I didn't get cos half of them sold bacon and sausages anyway), and I happened to have a whole box of yummy fried bacon, which smelled gorgeous, but totally betrayed me. But I needed to get to our hiding place with the bottles so they could go making wine.
I managed somehow, and we had decided to set up our wine making equipment (which was more like a home distillery) on the roof of the Health and Safety Department. You hear Baldrick say in the background: "I have a cunning plan!" That would just be the last place they would be looking for us.

Then I dreamt I was at the beach in L.A. and watched the ocean and saw all those war ships pass by which had those giant butterflies attached to them, which moved their wings slightly. First I thought they were real (I dunno why that didn't freak me out, cos the butterflies were the size of an average plane). But then someone told me it's this strange festival each year, that the ships do a parade, and each ship had created their own butterfly. At closer look I saw they looked more like they were kites, and the navy blokes on the ships pulled strings in unison to make the wings move gently.
Then they paraded their butterflies along the beach. We saw that each one was different. One even was a moth, and the best was, one had one of those green flies. My friend and I laughed our ass off and I sent my friend over to say: "That's a nice poopie fly you've got there!"
At the end of the festival, the navy blokes wives (called Jim and Tommy - I kid, I kid) went around, and it turned out that the bodies of the butterflies were made of solid chocolate and nuts, and they would pass them out to people. Which saved my guts, cos I had no money, and the salami sandwiches they sold at the store were frozen.

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