Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Wild Thang

About time I post about this.
Friday night was unbelievable. I can safely say that it was one of the funnest night out I had since I got to England.
Roman had his birthday party in the Toko bar, a cool place with fish tanks and stuff. All night, he wore those cool Bono glasses, and apparently he doesn't like the association (why not, Roman?), which I don't get, cause BONO IS GOD. (*ducks from the bolt of lightning* Just kiddn, DADDY!)
And what can I say, Roman is a party animal. In a good way.

I felt a tiny bit... weird first because I was the only undergraduate there, but all the people I met there made me feel really comfortable within seconds. In Germany, I could have never done this... going out for drinks with my professors. Just too "stiff", the atmosphere. I'm really glad I came here to study.

Chindu, whom I met first at the round table discussion we had a while ago, and who is a fellow blogger and wicked journalist (check out his linkage, dude!), was there as well, and as far as we could yell at each other over the music, we had pretty good talks.

Also present was my literature/linguistics lecturer Bronwen. If you love Welsh accents, Bronwen will cause you to bounce with delight. Bronwen first left a deep impression on me in one of the first lectures when she referred to Tom Jones as a Welsh Sex God. And also, because she puts up with all my emails and annoying visits to discuss whatever matter didn't make it through my thick skull without ever losing her patience.

I met several really cool people that night. For instance, Kevin and Roger, two archaeologists who are the first people over 25 I have met to engage in an academic discussion about the cultural meaning of toilets and poo with me.

How that came to happen, you may wonder?
Well, pretty soon after I arrived, Bronwen asked me if I wanted to participate in a bet. Apparently, one of the huge fish in the tank had been working on squeezing out a pretty big poo. Fish have no shame... they just publicly swim around, displaying their poo in a nonchalant "hey I'm ready whenever you're ready" way. The bet basically was about when the poo would drop. You could see it grow, slowly and steadily, with no end in sight. Mr Fish was taking his dear time. If it could have, it would have read a catalogue. We stared with a mixture of disgust and fascination.
Roman eventually gave up and went to get some more drinks. And it was then that The Separation (TM) happened.
With a mild squint, the fish pinched. And the turd fell. We squealed, and all the betters turned to the tank. And the unspeakable happened. The fish flipped around and with one big snap, devoured the turd.
We broke down in screams of laughter. And the fish, obviously enjoying the attention, made a spectacle of it.
"Oh my God, it's still chewing!", someone pointed out. More screams followed. Meanwhile, the fish, without blinking, munched on his turd and savoured every minute of it. Roger staggered away, mumbling "I'm gonna be sick!"
It was the wonderful beginning of a long and informative night of talking doodoo.

This is seriously the first time in my life where my memory is seriously blurred. I remember most of it, but lots of it is hazy, like it happened in a dream.
I remember vaguely there was lots of wild, immensely fun dancing - this comes from a person that normally hates dancing. I tell ya, you just gotta be there with the right people. The music was getting better and better, and I saw my last two busses home leave and just couldn't leave.

I got home at about 2.30am, and I was shattered but happy. Dom was still up and just said "Oh my god, you're wasted!"
I must have turned on my computer (don't ask me why), because when my boss Claire rang me out of bed at 8.11, it was on. I managed to turn pootie on, but not set my alarm clock. Sheesh.
I was supposed to be in at 8, but only managed 9 o'clock. Claire gave me a mildly dirty look, but smiled when I crawled on the floor, begging for forgiveness. I've just been late once since I started work there, so it wasn't a problem. I was just mildly out of my mind on Saturday, cos I was still tipsy, and a mild hangover set in in the afternoon. But since I am insane anyway, nobody noticed much of a difference.

What about a rerun, folks? :D \m/