Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Taking stock

When you stare in the mirror long enough, your face seems to turn into some sort of a flesh screen that reflects the stories of your life. Your eyes have seen all of the past 27 years, and in a strange way they are the eyes of a baby and the eyes of an adult at the same time.
This is me. Nobody else is like me. Nobody has seen the world that is in my head, nobody has seen the world as I have. Nobody has my story.
This is the face that God has made up. He formed me the way I am. He wanted me just the way I am. There is something bringing peace and contentment about it.
What has been happening in the past 27 years?
What has been my life in the past 27 years? Is it a story worth to tell? Do I have regrets? Have I abandoned my dreams or have they merely changed?

It just boggles my mind, but I need to know. And I've got to find out what is holding me back.

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