Thursday, June 03, 2004

Verbal aimless bumblebees and buttburps (couldn't think of a title...)

Aaaaaagh, I hate exams. Honestly, what is the point? You cram a gazillion students into a big hall, and have them vomit their panicky brains out, of whatever amounts of knowledge they could cram in there. And as much as it is denied in university, at least half of revision is just memorising. Good for training your brain, but does it really say something about a student's academical performance?

I say that because I SUCK at exams. See, I know my way around the stuff we did throughout the year pretty well, but my brain doesn't do projectile-vomiting on order. I like thinking things through before I put something on paper, and honestly, what value has an essay one wildly scrambles together in just an hour? In high school, in our majors, we had 4 hours to write an essay. Well, answer three questions which basically formed a big essay, and at least that gave you time to think. These exams just turn you into a scribbling automaton... I just don't see any value in it.
And what if you have a bad day? You have a little blackout? Basically, 50% of my academical assessment relies to a major part on pure chance...
I mean, I do exams, and I try to do well, but I never got their purpose...
Am just not an exam person.

Bob G. said to me the other day: "Hey, exams should be a breeze for you.... What's the German word for it?"
"Kinderspiel", I said.
"Ah yes", he said. "Child's Play."

The thing is, even child's play is serious business.

Talking of Child's Play, people moan about how they want to be children again, and how easy things were back then.
To which I say, Are you kidding???

I wouldn't want to be a kid again if you put a gun to my head. Puberty once is enough, thankyouverymuch. Being a kid, with the life experience of a 30-year-old, yeah, that's gotta be great. It has its positive moments, most definitely. But the worries of a kid to a kid are humongous. Somehow your age and the severity of your problems always seem to balance at a point that you can't just laugh them away. At least when you're an adult, they are taken seriously. Mobbing is a serious issue in the workplace.
Playground bullying, yeah whatever, who cares. What's the difference except the size of the bully? At least when someone bullies you, you can sue the everliving crap outta them.
Being a kid means you're helpless. No one takes you seriously.
When I was a kid, some kids hunted me down and beat the crap outta me with stinging nettles. Some other time, two kids that were in another class pushed me down on my way home and one of them pissed on my backpack. And you go home and complain, or you tell your teacher, and all they say is "Well, stay outta their way!" And then you get a kick in the butt for telling on the bullies.
What if adults do that kinda stuff?
I'll get rich.
That's what happens.

Once you have grown up to be self-dependent, things won't still be a breeze, but things do get easier, kids. Because you have rights. Defend them. Turning the other cheek does not mean to passively take in abuse. You don't have to take shit from anyone.

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