Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Waky Waky Sleepyhead!

It's been ages since my last post. I know. Just been too tired, worked 6 days last week and spent a fantastic but exhausting day at Monkeyworld yesterday and woke up with a mild hangover, because that Farmer's triple (???) cider I had at that wicked pub in Swanage last night was - though yummy! - evil on my brain.
I will post extensively about all this. I'll prolly hit town again tonite for Ali's birthday do. There goes another load of brain cells. But hey, it's summer break. Who needs brain cells?

Also had some mental discussion with myself about posting... I have written some drafts but am still thinking about whether to post or not... so until I have figured that out...

I'll give you this to keep you busy. I found this strange sign in a shop window on Winton High Street.

What exactly is the good news???? Conspiracy theories raced into my head immediately. Why would they not want us to read this?? And what is this little heartshaped sperm in the upper corner?

Is this Chinese, or Korean, or just Klingon?

If anyone can translate this, it would be greatly appreciated!

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