Friday, June 25, 2004

Willkommen in Deutschland, Tornado Allee!

There is a bad-ass debate out there about whether there are proper climate changes due to greenhouse effects and whatnot. Some of the changes are so slow and subtle that you are never quite sure whether the media just magnifies and sensationalises it, and whether it is not just an exeption or a natural change in climate.

But then this happened, and this is so freakish that it makes the climate changes obvious. This never happens in Germany... or only so rarely that it comes close to a miracle.

Two German villages were flattened by a tornado.
Yep, you heard that correctly.
And not just that, several were observed in Germany.

275 houses were destroyed, quite a few people injured and one person even died.
Doesn't sound like a biggie in American terms, but I tell you: this means A LOT for Germany.

That is so creepy. I remember, getting a decent gothic thunderstorm in Berlin was an absolute rarity. Our weather is just too moderate.

And not just that.

Within the same week, we had two earthquakes! Yes! In Germany and Switzerland, around Basel and Stuttgart. No huge ones, only about 4,1 and 3,1 on the old scale, but HOLY COW!

What T** F**k is going on??????????

I am officially creeped out.

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