Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Baby Mania

While Micha went to see his counsellor (who ideally happens to be his friend’s mom), I went shopping. Dayum, suddenly I know what the whole fussing about babies is about. I am pretty poor, but at that point I just didn’t care jackshit about how much I would spend, and it felt good caring for someone so much. God has given me such a blessing in little Jessie… like my kiddies in Texas, she helps me to learn to love. Kids are such a good thing for us adults. They teach you priorities, what’s important in life. They teach you unconditional love. The works.

I bought clothes for Jessie and toys and food and whatnot. I was disgusted with myself how I stood in the baby department, cooing over adorable baby clothes that I had ignored until recently. And how anal I got about buying safe, age-appropriate stuff (even though Jessie is way ahead of her age group in intelligence and development, but that also may just be auntsie wishful thinking). Shopping for baby toys is wicked awesome. I turned into a kid again… and I found this amazing cow driving a car, and when you hit the bumper, it starts mooing a song. Sabine kinda convinced me that buying it would be a bad idea cos it would drive Marc and Jeanette insane in no time, but I’ll prolly sneak back there and get it anyway, cos it is too good to miss.
Anyways, I infected Sabine, so she bought some stuff as well, and Micha, who bought some toys for his friend’s baby.

Until recently, I would have never thought I wanted a kid. But Jessie taught me different. It won’t be in the near future, but I want a baby one day, with or without husband. My dad will be relieved to hear that, hehe.

We also had an amazing thunderstorm in the evening. The air was beautiful and warm and smelled fresh and green and of ozone. Heavy rain came down, and at some point the sky turned green, with wild, torn purple clouds twisting and racing and bulging in front of it, while wild bolts of lightning flashed down around us. It was gothically spectacular.

And two days ago, another tornado hit Germany. It’s beginning to pile up. And my dad is a lot closer to his dream of being a twister chaser. Heh. Perfect example of needing to be careful what one wishes for.

Micha is doing a lot better today. Not perfect, of course he is sad as hell… but I think he is handling it well, because he does the things best for healing his soul – talking, writing letters to Nadine, talking to friends, comforting each other. He’s got a lot of support. The funeral will be awful, but we will be there. And I do ascribe this also to the mojo and prayers he is getting from the soapbox monkeys right now… you guys rock! Thank you!

Update on June 25th

This is getting freaky…Dad told me today that that evening we saw the green sky (where I actually casually said, this looks like tornado weather), a tornado nearly hit the outskirts of Berlin.
The funnel came down halfway but disappeared again. Oh boy. Finally we are getting some adventure over here.

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