Friday, July 23, 2004


Sabrina is my amazing cousin, and everyone I know who has met her thought she is a fantastic girl. She is extremely bright, curious, always keen on expanding her mind, open-minded, funny, sweet as pie. She is a wicked mosher, wild at heart, a free spirit, an artist. She reads Shakespeare with a delight other people devour Stephen King with, but she is humble enough to actually enjoy Stephen King as well. She loves animals, and doesn’t even let her cat allergy get in the way of that. She has an eye for the weird and wonderful.
She has a happy-hormone level that turns me green with envy – in fact, she has all the serotonin that I lack. Coffee and chocolate will leave her laughing for hours. Hell, all she has to do is walk past a banana and she is in stitches. But there is so much more.
Sabrina is one of the very few people I know of whom I’d say that she’s got a pure soul.
She is full of wonder of the things around her, she loves, she sees good in people, she doesn’t judge, but her sense of justice is strong. If she sees bullshit, she speaks up.

Sabrina is one of those people who seriously suffers from this world being fucked up.
The other night, on the phone, she broke out in tears, because her boss is mobbing, insulting and belittling her, calling her stupid and whatnot. The thing is, I hardly know anyone with such strong work ethics as her. She works hard and thorough and independently, she is kind to the patients and to people in general, but the problem is, people take advantage of her and don’t appreciate her. She has already changed jobs because her old place turned into a bad soap opera, and she just couldn’t work there anymore, but the new place starts up like that as well.
I guess the whole area where she lives is just completely bananas. People there seem to still live in the 80s, or the middle age. All what counts for them is status and money. It’s so cliché it makes you cringe. Women are on the hunt for rich husbands and spend all their time shopping or making themselves pretty for the testosterone brigade. They see their whole value in being attractive to men. Men treat women like a convenience, seeing their whole purpose in being available for fucking, cooking and child-raising. I am not exaggerating.

Sabrina lives in the wrong place. Sabrina is an independent lass who just wants to be loved for who she is, not for her body or her pretty face. She hides herself now, because men mistreat her, and she is sick of it, and I don’t blame her one bit for it. Her old boss didn’t like her because she was the only assistant who told him off for hitting on her and insisted on the relationship staying professional. They just don’t get it over there.
And the other day she cried because her boss belittled her because she has no degree (which you don’t need for her job; she is a well-trained dental nurse). She cried because she couldn’t understand why people treat each other like shit and find it necessary to hurt others, to judge others, and because she didn’t understand why people couldn’t accept each other the way they are. She asked me in tears if something is wrong with her… something must be wrong with her if people treat her like meat, like stupid, like a fuckin doormat.
I told her that she needs to stop listening to them. Nothing is wrong with her. In Sabrina’s case, it is pretty obvious and straightforward to say that it is the world that is insane, not her. There is nothing wrong with her. Everything is wrong with everything around her, and even though it may defy probability, it is no less true.

There is nothing wrong with having an attitude like hers. There is nothing wrong with having a sense of justice and kindness. Sabrina should be an icon for a new world order leading to world peace and a new enlightenment. It is because of people like her that this planet hasn’t gone to hell completely yet.
I wish she had a thicker skin, but I never want to discourage her from having the values she has, because it is a treasure she must keep.
It is the gold in her she gets punished for. It was people like her the Sermon on the Mount was written about.

They say what goes around comes around, but that is not necessarily true. Sabrina is immensely giving but too often has received a kick in the teeth for it. In case she never sees a reward in terms of human kindness, luck, love or even a nice pad of cash (not that she’d care for it) in this life, there better be a wicked beach-front villa with inbuilt jacuzzi, pub, pool and library waiting for her in heaven.

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