Monday, August 23, 2004

Birthday Wishes

Heh. You thought this would be my wish list, eh?

As usual, I am late as heck, but the real cards are on their way. There are several lovely people whose birthday is in August.

1.) Cameron. I know yours is long time gone, I am sorry. Cameron is a friend of mine from Chicago, highly intelligent, very cute (sorry, manly!!!), and very funny. Cam was a bar man in my favorite Irish pub, the Oscar Wilde, in Berlin. That was 4 years ago, and they were the funnest times Sabrina and I had there. Cam and I are also "bonded" by a strange coincident:
apparently, one of his friends from his uni year in Jena had been beaten up by my brother (now 31) back in middle school, in East Germany.
Cameron has a lovely girlfriend who likes parakeets, so she is a star in my book.
Happy Birthday Cameron, and come back soon. With the lady. There is a Guinness here waiting for you. And Terry is still here, as well.

2.) Pat and Bob. Pat and Bob are my Dallas-situated surrogate parents/counsellors/friends, and I love them and their kids to death. They have literally been saviors to me when my whole life was in the pits, and they are among the most amazing, selfless, wise, sweet, caring, loving people I have ever met. Happy Birthday to you guys! I love you!

3.) "My" kiddies Caitlin, Chris and Cory. They are the triplets I took care of during my au pair year in Texas in 96/97. Back then they were 4. Do the math and understand why I am freaked out and feeling very old. They are extremely smart, cute, adorable, funny guys who taught me a lot about the important things in life, and I miss them awfully.
Love you darlings! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

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