Tuesday, August 10, 2004

The definition of desperation

So Reuters apparently interviewed one of my workmates, Robin. This article is really funny if you know that Robin is madly in love with himself and tries to score with anything that isn't up a tree by the count of three.

Here it goes:

LONDON (Reuters) - British biologists have taken a leaf out of the literary
Doctor Doolittle's book and started talking to their animals.
"We have been croaking to our tree frogs for about two weeks now. They respond and it makes it easier to find them," Robin Mulford, a biologist at Bournemouth Oceanarium on
England's south coast, told Reuters Friday.
"We croak and the males croak back. But the females stay quiet," he said by telephone.
The chatty, color-changing male frogs respond to any loud noise, trying to outdo the volume and attract a mate.
But while the Bournemouth biologists may manage to fool the male tree frogs, the females are proving more canny.
"None of us has attracted a female with our croaking so far," Mulford said.

I tell ya, the female animals are the only ladies of Bournemouth with principles.

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