Friday, August 20, 2004


We were awfully lucky with a lot of things, but one thing that was never included in that were landlords and neighbors. Well, that is not entirely true. My present landlords in England rock, and our neighbors kick triple ass. But in Germany… oh boy.
My dad, you must know, has a small but wicked apartment. But as great as the apartment is, as bad are the landlords. It’s all kinda incestuous, anyway. The old couple that lives one floor down could never stand me, and especially the wife was an old evil bitch. You could be as friendly as possible, but all she ever does is pass out evil glares through her coke bottle lenses. Dude, seriously, if looks could kill.
Anyways, that old bitch is the sister of my dad’s landlord. And that old bastard is the kind of type that just cares about money and his rules.

Basically, the story is that my baby brother moved in with dad after mother moved to her boyfriend. And as I have told before, Marc’s fiancĂ© is a single mom.
Jeanette had to leave her flat in her village because the entire apartment block was infested with black mold and the health and safety department shut it down. So my bro invited her and baby Jessie to stay with him. That was fine with dad cos he stays with his girlfriend most of the time anyway.
See, none of this was planned, it was an emergency situation. You can’t leave a mom and a baby in a place with contaminated air.
But the thing is, the old bitch and the landlords hate families. Especially families with children.
My brother was already looking for a new place, but my dad now got a letter that basically kicks my brother and his little family out in a month. The landlord knows of the situation, but – he simply doesn’t give a shit. There is no mercy period, nothing. I am so fucking pissed off with these people.
How can they do that?

So this weekend they are moving... back to the area where my dad grew up and where I lived before mother kicked me out, where I went to junior high and all that. The good news is they are closer to town, their kid's GP (my old GP!!) is around the corner and it's got lots of families and playgrounds as well as a kindergarten right outside. There is a blessing even in a situation as screwy as that.
Not that I'm gonna thank that wanker of a landlord for it.

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