Friday, September 17, 2004

The Bush America - "Are parallels to Nazi Germany crazy?"

That's the title of another article I found the other day. I know the debate is so old it has a beard, and on the soapbox there have been various discussions about it (as all over the rest of the internet, I'm sure).

The thing is, I don't care what other people say and how anal they get in proving or disproving whether those parallels are justified or not. I have heard get really nitpicky, and that way getting, in my view, completely off the point.

For instance, there was this one argument saying that you can't compare Hitler's Germany and Bush's America simply because Americans don't have concentration camps, and they didn't slaughter millions of people (hell, but right now they are busy doing it). And of course, I am not saying that the Bush America is an EXACT DETAILED copy of what has been happening over 60 years ago in Germany... but bloody hell. Open your eyes and see the parallels!

This is what we call learning from history!

I love America, and I loved how they always emphasised their freedom, because freedom is so important to me.
I love America, but Bush means the downfall of its credibility, international respect and relations. It means the compromise and loss of all it stands for. And no lame rhetorics can distract me from that.

I love America, and this is why I post this. This article summarises it nicely.


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