Thursday, September 09, 2004

Contemporary Hero

Something cool has happened a while ago. Jeanette and I took Jessie to her check-up -- to my former childhood GP. It was awesome seeing her and the nurses that day, and it is totally weird to think that she has treated my little brother and me since we were little, and now Marc’s “own” kid sees her.
On the way home Jessie flirted with everyone on the train, which was totally funny.

But that’s not really what I wanted to tell.
We got off the train, got Jessie’s supplements from the drug store and then saw our bus coming. It was boiling hot and we didn’t want to miss it because who wants to wait in that heat, so we ran as fast as we could without endangering the littlun to get that bus. We were about three meters from the bus, me waving like an idiot to the driver. He just stared at me with a bored expression… and closed the doors on us when we reached them, and the bus started rolling. It was blatant knob-jockey-ness because it’s not that the bus had been standing there for ages, we got there 5 seconds after the last passenger had boarded.
What an asshole, I thought and raised my arms at him in a “what’s your problem” gesture.

Suddenly the bus stopped and I looked to the front and saw that a boy of about 19 stood in front of the bus, staring at the driver provocatively, forcing him to stop. It was so weird cause I saw him but thought he is a strange reflection in the window - cause I couldn’t quite believe what I saw.
The bus driver threw him a nasty glance, started the bus and bumped into the kid gently to make him move (something you'd get fired for, really!)
But the boy stood like a rock - kinda like that famous photograph when that man stops the tank – and so the driver opened the door for us. Turns out the boy didn’t even want the bus – he had stopped it for us.
We thanked him and boarded and the bus driver looked at us in utter disdain, but we didn’t care – we were just in awe about this boy’s gesture.
Weeks later Jeanette told me she had seen the boy again, and he had nodded and smiled at her.

So thank you mate, wherever you are. People like you rock!

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