Thursday, September 09, 2004

Supersize Me

If you haven’t seen it yet – watch it. Yes, I have a thing for anything mildly “polemic”, maybe. Some people write this stuff off as cheap leftist propaganda. But I think this is a great thing.
I have read “Fast Food Nation” a few months ago and it was sickening enough to get me off McFood for good. But Supersize Me was a real shocker: a guy experiments on himself by consuming 3 McDonalds supersize meals a day for a month. He was in perfect health when he started. By the end of the month his health had completely disappeared, the damage to his body was so immense within two weeks of the experiment that his doctors urgently adviced him to interrupt the experiment.

McDonalds food is extremely damaging, toxic… and addictive! It can lead to permanent damage of the liver and other organs, and basically – it just makes you incredibly tired, ill and fat.
I find it ironic that the same society that demands of its people to be over-productive, more hardworking and competitive than hardly another nation in the world manipulates them from their childhood days to over-consume food that turns them into the very people unable to meet these demands. I mean, how bizarre and fucked up is that??? Like my dad says, they don’t think further than a pig shits.

And it is true. The food corporations are so big and powerful that nothing can stop them: no laws will be passed against them, lawsuits will be like a drop of water on a hot rock/off a duck’s back, you name it.

The only thing one can do is to not eat there. To make the effort to set up a healthy diet, stick to it and not consume any fast food at all.
To educate your kids, feed them properly, and not believe the sponsored, biased bollocks that pro-industry supposed health experts give you about how harmless the stuff is.
Like one of the nutritionists in the film said: “Eat fast food? Yeah… when there is no more food in the world, you are stranded on an island or bombed with anthrax…”
What I kinda read as “Well, the moment you know you’re gonna be dead within a year anyway…”

I hate McDonalds with a passion. Not just because of the criminal way they treat their workers, the shit wages they pay, etc, and the vicious way they target their marketing at children. But also simply because I hate deep-fried food . I may get weak occasionally, because, yes, the stuff is tasty for the moment! - but I regret it immediately. My body screams in protest each time I eat a cheeseburger from there. I feel ill, icky, just… sort of…poisoned. And I am glad my body is still capable of giving me these signals.

The one thing McDonalds and co. can’t do yet is to force you to consume their stuff.

Your body will thank you for it. And so will your kids.

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