Sunday, October 31, 2004


Last night we were watching the first part of "The Stand". One of my favourite characters in "The Stand" is Trash Can Man. Trash Can Man is crazy as hell, and I love him for it. When he makes stuff explode and hollers "VooooomdeeVooooooooooooom!", jumping up and down madly, I am in ecstasy.
This morning, Adam unwittingly britified him and totally destroyed him for me.
He mentioned something about the film and ... yes... he called him...


I could feel myself going all... flaccid inside.
It just takes the dignity out it.
Trash can man.
That sounds like a proper man at the peak of his mania, rugged, in singed shreds of clothes, immersed in the glowing darkness of insanity.

But Dust Bin Man??
Dust Bin Man is a pale skinny git with an RP accent, in a tweed jacket (or burgundy dressing gown), picking up his paper bin with yesterday's Times with two fingers, sticking his pinky out.

I will never look at Trash the same way again.

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