Friday, October 29, 2004

Stormy weather

Storms have swept over the south and created some havoc especially in Devon and Cornwall. Bournemouth has been hit by the gales as well, but not as bad, but some of those gushes have been frightful, and the last time I have seen rain bucketing down like that was when I was in Texas. The Bourne Stream, which is, thank god, not big, is twice as deep, and the waves crashing against the pier are... impressive. Some insane surfers are out there in that weather.
The skies are dark blue and purple, thick, bulgy blankets out of a nightmare, with sharp edges, almost like tornado clouds.

It is funny, but that is exactly how I feel at the moment.
Prozac has taken a few days off.
I feel shit and on the verge of crying, I can't tolerate any stress, I get angry out of the blue.

I am gonna get drunk tonite and hope to god it will be over tomorrow.

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