Friday, January 21, 2005

Payback time

This is what you get when you vote for the village idiot.

Apparently, the money spent on "Homeland Security" during Bush's inauguration is coming out of the taxpayer's pocket - SURPRISE!
This is what Sojourners wrote:

D.C. to pay for Bush's party

Who pays for homeland security? Apparently, D.C. taxpayers. The Washington Post reports that the federal government, departing from past precedent, will not reimburse the District of Columbia for Bush's inauguration security expenses. Federal legislators normally set aside funds to cover inauguration costs. However, this year Congress, which controls the capital city's budget, will divert about $12 million from D.C. homeland security projects to provide overtime police and emergency personnel on January 20. The festivities, which include nine galas and a parade, will total more than twice the tab for Bush's first celebration in 2001.

The full story is in the Washington Post, here.

My housemate Adam just said: "Only in America do you get away with that!"
It'd be funny if it wasn't so tragic. Those bastards are stealing from the public and don't even bother hiding it anymore. They lie to the public and make no secret of it.

But the public (well, 50% of it) loves their prez.

It's like in that Blackadder episode:

Edmund: There's a vote afoot in the new Parliament to strike you from the Civil List. ...

Prince George: Well, they can't do that. Why, the public love me! Only the other day, I was out in the street and they sang, `We hail Prince George! We hail Prince George!'

Edmund: `We *hate* Prince George', sir. `We *hate* Prince George!'

Prince George: Was it?

Edmund: I fear so, sir.

Who would have thought British comedy turns into ironic prophesy.

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