Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Don't you hate your flatmate, too?

Well, this year, I have to say no. I love my housemates. They are amazing, and we're having so much fun.
However, it has not always been so. Let's say, my housemate situation in England took its dear time to improve; and I only moved slowly from barely surviving the first year, when I lived with the nastiest lot you can imagine, to being ok-ish the second year, when I had to cope with Miserly Steve who should have his own corporate-size complaints department. It was especially in the first year where I really learned to appreciate my landlords, who did help me out with keeping the madness of these useless bastards in check.
I guess having horrible housemates is just one of those experiences everyone makes/has to make (?) at some point.

Anyways, there is a blog out there which is just an anthology of horrid housemate tales (even though I could easily top those), and it made me laugh. God knows why. Because it should really make me cry and twitch.

So I put the link here for you to enjoy.

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