Wednesday, May 18, 2005

That time of the year...

I vividly remember last year's frenzy. Gah! Yes. Exams are coming up, the first one in less than a week.
You can tell it's urgent, 'cause I have those uncontrollable urges to clean the house, iron, blog and myspace (yes, I used that as a verb! Sue me!), anything but the really important thing, which is to feckin REVISE.

It's a universal thing. When even Badar (my housemate) starts cleaning, you know exams are just around the corner. And my other housemate Alex even shampooed his frickin carpet. Man, he hates exams!

So yes, I should STFU (shut the fuck up) and get crackin. If you are bored, then read my friend Jun's blog. After a pause, he started blogging again, and as usual, his stuff is like the funniest and most accurately observant... you gotta love it! So yeah. Go. NOW!

Oh yes, and if you get Channel 4, watch Dylan Moran's "Monster" comedy on Friday, at 10pm.
Black Books is like the funniest show ever. And Bernard, in a very bizarre and grumpy way, is Teh Sex!

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