Sunday, June 12, 2005

Suicide, music and the media

Ever wondered about that the media, whenever covering a story about suicide or murder, seems to check the CD player?
In 1985, it was two kids attempting suicide; one, Ray Belknap, blew his brains out, and the other, James Vance, disfigured himself with the blast but lived another three years. Who got blamed for it? Judas Priest. For supposedly sending out subliminal messages via their music, encouraging suicide. This is actually a case study for subliminal persuasion in one of my textbooks this last year. (If you ask me, this whole thing about subliminal messages is complete bollocks. If it was that effective, we'd probably all be dead or overconsuming coca cola.)
Hell, and Marilyn Manson got hassled a lot, poor guy, over the whole Columbine shooting (apparently, as it turned out, the assassins despised Manson's music) and some random suicides. The pressure he has to live up to, being called the antichrist by the whole evangelical gestapo.

It just does my head in. Someone kills himself, and they check which CD they have been listening to last??? What about checkin the life of the person? I mean, I understand the grief-triggered notion of needing to find scapegoat - it makes sense, psychologically. But please, if you're gonna play the blame game, shouldn't you be looking for more obvious causes?
Apparently, both Belknap and Vance came from a really fucked up environment, were abused and on drugs. Would be fuckin ridiculous to think that it was Judas Priest causing the suicides.

Heh, it is, in a morbid way, amusing, though. Should I ever get on the suicide track, I will be sure to put something like Britney Spears on. And that wouldn't even be a lie, because her "music" makes me want to stab myself in the ears with a sharpened pencil.

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