Sunday, July 03, 2005

Rediscovering shopping

The other day I went to Wilkinson's to get some mould and mildew spray to battle the crap that keeps growing in our house. I went around the store, but could, for the life of me, not find it.
As I was scanning the aisles, I see this guy, a staff member, restocking some shelves.

Oh my god.
What a HOTTIE.

So of course, being the liberated woman I am, I go up to him and ask for it.
Mildew spray! For crying out loud!

And whaddaya know, he went on a quest for me. Damn. Even went all the way upstairs to the stock room to find some for me, being an absolute sweetheart.

Best visit to Wilko's. Ever.

Back home, I worked on some mildew stains in Laura's room and left the bottle there. Only to find the next day that my landlords had nicked it. No biggie, it's just 1,89 a bottle. And how utterly convenient.
Now I can go back to Wilko's and further exploit a certain gorgeous staff member.

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