Thursday, September 29, 2005

Excuses, excuses...

My friend Roman is a frikkin genius on every level. Now he just came up with a new word, which essentially diagnoses and names my blog disorder.

In the Roman dictionary, you will find this term as

bloglag, n., the timelag between the occurrence of an event, and the time that the event is blogged.

Bloglag can be due to the time needed for reflection before we write about something; furthermore, it can be due to increased workload or simply boredom.We can assign bloglag values on any time scale (e.g. bloglag: 4 hours or bloglag: 5 days), although if you score consistently high values it means that you're either a historian or just a late adopter (!).

So if you find me blogging things that are ridiculously out of date (and this will inevitably happen. You should see my draft section!), you know what's going on.

But I like that idea anyway.

The blogging of memories of memories, the delayed reflection, which, in real time, has already arrived at a different conclusion, but feels the need to have its earlier developmental stages recorded. Speak of self-conscious dissociation. It's gonna be lame as fuck.

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