Monday, November 14, 2005

Catch the Fever

Once again, Tetra Fever's performance last Thursday night in Dylan's was absolutely outstanding, and I shall continue to relentlessly pester Pat to record an album. Sad is only that apparently last night was Jim's last time to play bass for them. Boooooooohoooooooooo :(. Cos Jim is wicked awesome.
Seriously, all you lazy sods who didn't show up MISSED OUT! You know who you are.
It's hard to say which songs are my favourites, but "Tonight" and "Time Lapse" are closing in simultaneously. "Tonight" is to Tetra Fever what "Anthem for the year 2000" is to Silverchair, one of those catchy tunes everyone hollers along to with a big grin on their face. And listening to "Time Lapse" when you're totally drunk and vulnerable can make you cry "It's so true"... I joke not, my friend... that song mesmerises and totally hits home for me.

I have a tendency to compare new
bands with the big label ones, but last night I realised I find it really hard to compare Tetra Fever to anything. You can guess a few influences, but they still have their own unique flavour, and that is, considering how most bands seem to sound so much the same these days, quite an achievement. I may have mentioned Depeche Mode and Brian Molko last time, but I still am not happy with the comparison, because they also don't sound like them, at least not in a way you could call an imitation. I guess the way their music hits me is that, similarly, their style and their lyrics conjure up images and a sense of melancholy the way Depeche Mode used to do it for me, and Pat's voice with its 'Lovechild-of-Dave-Gahan-and-Brian Molko'-esque intensity pierces me to my soul's bone marrow, if you get my drift. For me to like music, it's gotta go through me and shake me up somehow, and ideally, make me want to create and express myself. The bands that have done that for me I can count on one hand. Tetra Fever is one of them.

There was also another band playing after them, and while they were quite good, you could so tell that the only thing on their playlist is Metallica. All the singer needed was a blonde beard and some more hair to mosh with. They were good, and I feel bad saying this, but they really need to find their own style.

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