Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Drunken consent my ass

Yeah, boohoo, I still can't let go of it.

A follow-up article in the Independent completely echoed my thoughts on this. (Damn it is now subscription-only.)

What it boils down to is that a woman can dance naked in front of a man, it STILL does not give him the right to rape her or think she has given consent.
I cannot believe that so many people still hold these outdated, Victorian values that blame women for rape because of the way they dress, talk, or because they drank. And claims that poor horny men can't be expected to exercise self-control.

I read an interesting story once that illustrates this (even though it was more about wife-beating than raping).
Therapist says to wife-beater: "So you say you can't control yourself when you beat your wife at home?"
Wife-beater: "That's right."
Therapist: "Would you say the same if you and her were in front of a police station?"

Feel free to apply. A man, horny or not, drunk or not, CAN control himself if he wouldn't rape a woman in front of a police station. Or in this particular case, would this fella have taken the chance of fucking her there, with the chance of a policeman coming out and asking whether she gave consent, when she is clearly passed out on the floor?
I doubt it. It's not an issue of inability to control himself. It's an issue of whether the bastard thinks he can get away with it.
And that judge told him he can.

Is it a fuckin wonder that a woman with a brain and some self-respect is bound to become a raging feminist?

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