Friday, November 25, 2005

Drunken consent?

As the papers reported yesterday, a judge ruled that women can't cry rape when they have sex while they are drunk, and can't remember whether they have given consent or not. Apparently, so the judge said, drunken consent is still consent.

I am pulling my hair out by the bundles. What the FUCK????

See, I can see their point. I'm sure there are plenty of women who get tipsy, then horny, then shag their brains out, only to wake up with the classic 'Oh my god what have I done' thought and then try to reinstall their honour and self-respect by accusing the guy of rape. I am sure there are a bunch of guys who got screwed over like that. But there is drunk, and then there is DRUNK. And this particular case is taking the absolute piss. The woman wasn't just drunk, she was nearly unconscious. She got a security guard - a person of trust! - to walk her back to her place, and what happens?? He fucks her. In front of her apartment. On the floor. When her bed was literally steps away.

Right. I am now gonna have a world class hissy fit. People that don't like the use of the word "fuck" in any sort of context, please don't read on.

A) what qualifies as consent? A (drunk) woman on the floor going 'hmph'?
After recent events, apparently everything a woman says means "you wanna fuck?" to a guy.

B) The woman in the particular case was passed out on the floor in front of her apartment, and claims to have no memory of the incident or of giving consent. So I don't even know how that relates to the court decision. Clearly, you can't call it consent if she was so drunk she "went in and out of consciousness".

C) so that basically means that every woman who gets her drink spiked and then gets fucked, gets fucked a second time, but this time by the system.

D) there is so much room for interpretation here. Fair enough, there may be arsy women who may take advantage of the situation, but what about those who really get raped? So the law blames them??

And E) The guy was a security guard on duty. That means he was most likely NOT drunk. That means that he should have known he was taking advantage of a woman who was too intoxicated to make a reasonable decision, and should have declined even if she had offered. And for crying out loud, how can he fuck her with her being unconscious without feeling like a complete arse? It's so obviously immoral. What's there to discuss? I mean, I wouldn't fuck my boyfriend when he is asleep. How can he fuck her when she is unconscious???

Man, all that tells me is that guys are allowed to get hammered and shag everything that moves whenever their balls tell them to do so, with no one telling them to stop. Not even that. They are allowed to be sober and take advantage of drunk women, even though they should know better. But should I be drunk, any rape will be my fault. Obviously.

Can't even express how disgusted I am.

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