Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Sin of Eve, according to the Christian Taliban

When I established in a test a while ago that I am a bad Christian, I automatically signed up for a newsletter (those sly fundie fuckers!) that is now regularly bombarding my inbox with the e-equivalent of a mad, yet highly entertaining screaming town square preacher.
I told Jun about it, and as he is having too much fun with winding up fundamentalists, he looked into it properly and has established a woman called Ingrid Schlueter as first his, then my favourite columnist. Holy shit, I kid you not, that woman is the human equivalent of a bad case of Hirschsprung's Disease (i.e. she is so full of shit she should have died of it by now) - my my aren't we educational today!
And to make the fun complete, she now has her own blog. Which is so unreal it is almost satirical.
This woman is a bitter old ho who is so tense that if you stick some coal up her arse, you have a diamond in two weeks (thanks to Ferris Bueller for this gem of a metaphor), and quite obviously - I never thought I would say it - in desperate need for a good shag.

Anyways, in the light of recent events, I thought I give you a sweet sample of one of my favourites, which also illustrates quite clearly one of the reasons why I completely dissociated myself from the freakin evangelicals.

Enjoy "Dressing Modestly in the Midst of Babylon".
I have no words to respond to this pile of shit. I left her a comment, but - surprise! - it needs to be approved first. I left my email address, too, and look forward to some hate mail. Maybe I post some here.

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