Thursday, July 13, 2006


Pathetically late in most (well, all) cases, but it shan't be ignored anyway.

Congratulations to the BACOMMERS who have just graduated. Especially to Iain Rowley, who got 80% for his creative dissertation (a poetry collection) - a beast to achieve, as Malcolm is difficult to please when it comes to that. And an extra congrats for achieving a first class degree.
I (and from various recent chats, Helen C. and Roman G.) had never any doubts that you would, genius boy!
Congrats to Jim, whose results I don't know but who managed to whip out a difficult dissertation and doing so well in it that it has been recommended for publication.
Congrats to all the rest of you who, as I could witness in the past year, made the best and most of their university years. I'm proud of you all.

And not to forget, even though it's been ages, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jamie. I will throw you a party, and if it's the last thing I am doing. Wild horses and irate Germans couldn't stop me.
You are ze Aw3s0m3! :) xxx

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