Sunday, January 28, 2007

Growing up too fast

I'm in awe. I just spent about half an hour googling for people I used to know, just hoping a website would pop up somewhere and update me. (It's weird. Mike and Mark and me chatted the other night about the point of Facebook and high school reunions... it's not necessarily that you want to get back in touch with old school mates, you just want to see what they are up to now... hoping that the bastards that used to make your life hell are now on useless scums on welfare, with fat ugly wives and snotfaced brats for children, and the bitches that used to drag you down are hopefully fat and used up and have abusive husbands wearing dirty string vests.)

Back to the point. I entered the names of the triplets I used to take care of back in 96/97 into google, and while nothing ever used to come up in the past years, I struck gold this time. I found a middle school online paper, and it had their names AND PICTURES in it.
My babies have grown up to be drop dead gorgeous teens. Caitlin will be a classy queen, and the boys... holy shit. You can see they will be extremely hot one day (when they are old enough to be called that!)
I am so chuffed!!! Check them cuties out!!!

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