Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Five things you didn't know about me

Now here's a challenge. Roman came up with this fun little game, some sort of blog virus (and don't you know how I love passing on viruses! It's a charm for the karma!) where you have to reveal five things no one knows about me. Which is difficult, considering that I am a self-absorbed cow that loves nothing more than talking about herself and has done so via the internet for the past few years, draining all the bile into this blog, most of which being stuff no one really wants to know.
Needless to say, I can't pass up the opportunity. But it's a bit tricky to find the material. So chances are that one of you guys may have heard some of these before. Therefore, let's call this post: five things about me you have probably heard about one or 12 times.

1) I can't ride a bike.

2) When I was 10, my first story got rejected by a television programme with the excuse that it was too scary for kids. I think they just didn't want to tell me that it's just a cheap rip-off of "The Little Vampire" and didn't want to get sued or incarcerated for treason (after all, this was an East German programme, and said Vampire story a West German fabrication and therefore poison to young pioneers eyes). It could also just have been rejected because it was utter shit. But at least I got an autographed card by two fictional characters, which could probably get me a lot more profit on ebay now than the story ever would have. If I hadn't lost it.

3) I used to have a pet tortoise named Hannibal, which was prophetic, because the bastard loved nothing more than biting. Hannibal was a vengeful creature who started to leave turds in front of my brothers bed after my brother kicked him once.

4) I did fortunetelling for a short time once and was good at it.

5) I once stayed over at my friend's place when I was about 9; we read magazines and medical encyclopedia (I had a morbid thing for looking at disgusting manifestations of diseases) and listened to the radio. At some point my friend jumped up and said with a scared voice: "Did you hear that?" - "What?", I said. - "On the radio they just said the end of the world will happen in 10 minutes. Let's go to yours!"
And you know what? I was so gullible, I believed it. Turns out, what she heard was just an announcement for the weather report, and all she wanted was to get away to play with my toys.

Right, Roman. I have now totally ruined my street cred. I hope you're happy!

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