Friday, January 04, 2008

The stuff nightmares are made of...

I've always been spooked by clowns, and positively terrified of ventriloquist dolls. I dunno what it is, but even though they are meant to entertain and make you laugh, there is something deeply sinister about them, in a way that stops you sleeping and stare into the dark with your eyes bulging with terror, waiting for one of them to grab your ankle from under then bed or just suddenly be there at the edge of the bed staring at you when you turn around and open your eyes.

(You never know... tonight, when you're in your bed, they might just be there... do you dare to turn and look...?)

Because I apparently like to give myself more nightmares than necessary, I googled "ventriloquist doll" and found this:

Considering that I fear pervy old men as much as I fear these dolls, I am not gonna get much sleep tonight.

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