Thursday, June 19, 2008

Out of his Head

So Brian "Head" Welch converted. I can virtually hear the fundies break out in what they call praise and jubilation, another “closet Satanist” in their trap, another score for Jesus.
I have no problem with people finding a spiritual path that they find suitable, but why do they have to propagate themselves like this? Of course, they claim it is “for the glory of God”, but come on, who are they kidding? So Brian Welch went from cool to another Jesus wannabe – what is with this cover picture??! I mean, the audacity to portray yourself as Jesus, and pulling the old “humbled and contrite” face, when the whole photo session to achieve this cover was to display him in a certain light. Would Jesus do a photo session and write books about himself? Nothing has changed… just the target audience.
This is what winds me up so much about evangelical culture, this whole pretension to be all for God’s glory, when it is blatantly about PR for the self. If at least they were honest about it, it would be less annoying.

The sad thing, now that he is converted, his music has blatantly turned crap. Christian rock. It’s like a job requirement to suck.

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