Thursday, January 29, 2009

Saeglopur, fixing what Cadbury's fucked up

Just as I have to watch Disney films after Trainspotting and Threads to enable me to sleep, this video is meant to directly cancel out the creepy children below. Sigur Ros are my subconscious happy place. There is something about listening to music in another language that just adds to the beauty of it. The last time I felt that was before I could understand English well enough to grasp what they are on about in their songs... the lyrics, in combination with the music, became more a tool to enhance one's own imaginative interpretation of the song, through intonation, association and pure guesswork. Understanding the lyrics of a song can then make or break a song, wholly depending on if the lyrics are good. Sometimes a song can only be saved if I can't understand what is sung.
But I blab.

Sigur Ros is beautifully otherwordly. And the video to this one is just as magical as the song itself.

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