Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Hot Authors - the Wishlist

Usually, when you see the little photo of brilliant authors on the back of a book (or on the internet, which is usually the case when the publisher doesn't want to deter the punter from buying a book), you tend to be disappointed by how incongruent the brilliance of the mind is with the vessel that contains it.

(Right, I am so opening myself up here for abuse, and I can't really talk, having a frog for a face myself, but I am just a sucker for beauty, sorryverymuch).

Not that it matters, because if Alex Garland published literary excrement, I wouldn't look at him twice.

But then you get the occasional gems which make my heart jump with joy because there I spotted a literary nirvana, sexy books written by sexy people.

So here is a list of Beautiful MBS, and please feel free to add to it.

Alex Garland - "The Beach"
Wil Wheaton - "Just a Geek"
Ben Schwartz - "Breaking Bad News With Baby Animals" (ok, it's not really a book book, but it's still fucking funny!)
David Benioff - "City of Thieves"
Poppy Z. Brite - "Swamp Foetus" - pretty and dramatic in a gothic way, just like her stories.
Chuck Palahniuk - "Fight Club" - the man has a twisted mind, but he is not a scarecrow.
Jack Kerouac - "On the Road"

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