Sunday, November 06, 2016

Some will not sleep by Adam Nevill - review

A humble claim, I do declare. Because if my experience of Adam Nevill tales is anything to go by, rest  will be but a sweet and distant memory to you while your scared, dead tired body twitches with sleep-deprived hypersensitivity at every shadow and sound around you, your eyes bulge and strain in the dark and your terror prickles under your skin like electricity once you have tucked into this exquisite collection of horror appetizers.

Grotesque, eerie, nightmarish, cosmically terrifying… work your way through all the synonyms of the genre and it will just about cover what is on offer here. Some of the tales will remind you of his novels, but not in a rehashed way, but the way you’d greet old friends… friends who thought it funny to give you prank calls at 3am in a distorted voice, knowing you had just watched The Ring for the first time, friends who crawled down the stairs with their hair hung in their faces after you came home from the cinema to watch the Grudge, making gurgly noises at you. Friends you fondly recall, but frankly, at the time, you wanted to punch them in the face.

Ah, the joy of being scared out of your pants. Join our Dinner Party of Doom, and our butler Adam Nevill will be serving you these fine literary hors d’oeurvres with a cold, wicked, dead-eyed smile.

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