Monday, March 22, 2004

The roof is on fire

We had a fire at uni today! Talk about entertainment!
It was kinda funny. I sat in Spice, the greenhouse cafe the uni has, with a few friends over our lunch, and the place was packed, because it was lunch hour. I was happily munching on a yummy Juffle Pie or whatever they call it, when suddenly a bell went off, shrill, in intervals. No one reacted more than just turning their heads and then continuing to their business/food.
I, insanely, thought it's just one lucky bastard who is one millionth visitor in the food court or something, and will get a lifetime supply of whatever deep-fried stuff they have.
But the bell wouldn't stop. Eventually we noticed that some people got up and left, and then more and more trickled out. It's kinda funny how conformity works... people looked at each other to see if anyone else got up, and only then would they slowly make up their minds it may be a good idea to pack up as well.
The thing was, in the front cafes they happily continued serving people... so we thought, sod it... there was no smoke, no smell of stuff burning. Yes, naughty.. even if it was just a drill, I should have left.
Finally, the cook came out and hollered at people to get the hell out.
It was quite surreal, really... how in unsure situation people turn into sheep, following whatever consensus is strongest at the time.
And we're the supposedly educated of the country.
Scary, innit?

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