Wednesday, March 24, 2004

No more bricks in the wall

There is this unwritten rule among students that you are supposed to hate your teachers... or at least act like you despise them. Antagonistic, that is the word. And if you refuse to be that way, you are just written off as the nerd. I may totally sound like the Token Nerd, but the thing is, I totally adore my lecturers. And I don't really give a rat's ass what a bunch of kids think about this.

I mean, you pay shitloads of money for your education. Shouldn't you then at least try to enjoy it, and make the best of it? The thing is, I am pretty sure most of them do like the course, but feel like they shouldn't because that would be geeky. Why is that?
I decided a few years back, when I returned to high school, that I was gonna love it. And that included getting on with my teachers as much as possible, which I did, and which made me look forward to every class. I try to be friends with everyone. And I had a fantastic time. It makes high school a much nicer memory. And nice memories, that is all you will have of your life at some point.

It's the same now, at uni. My lecturers are wicked cool and funny and smart and I love having a chat with them after class, cause I can't have the same chat with most of my fellow students. They challenge me, they challenge my thinking, and unfortunately, I never have enough time to get into subject matters indepth, but I would love that.

Maybe I just have problems with the notion of authority. Authority is in my view something that people either deserve or don't deserve. It's like respect. When I respect people, I don't mind them having authority... if they prove worthy of it, and if there is a good reason for it. I can't distinguish between people in terms of authority... which is why friend-type of bosses are the ones I work best with. I don't believe in status... and that may be the only thing I took along from being a Commie. Or a post-evangelical. Or both. I believe people need to earn respect... it doesn't come as a commodity with assigned leadership. Anyone waving their effin authoratah flag about and then expecting me to bow down can just BITE ME. I don't believe in anyone being better or worse than anyone else because of status. And that is actually something I never consciously decided to do. That's just the way my mind works.
That's why I want to be friends with everyone... or at least get along... and that includes my teachers. Why is that weird? I guess life on this planet would be a lot nicer if we started getting rid of our bloody pecking orders and separatist thinking, and instead tried to make life as nice for each other as possible.
I mean, is it really that difficult to understand?

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