Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Strangers are friends you just haven't met yet

Beautiful day today, sunny and warm. I had my cuppa tea in the morning, followed by cuppa coffee, and 20mg Prozac... I am practically a rubber ball now.

In the past weeks I have tried to find some new housemates. My house is gorgeous and I want to stay, and my sweet landlords David and Elaine have left it to me to find new people, which is good, cos I have to live with them.

After my first year nightmare with that human scum I lived with (and I don't say that about people usually, but those guys were the human equivalent of sticking your finger in your throat), I have become over-careful with who I share a house with. I don't mind party people per se... I love parties... but not when I am loaded with assignments and exams all the time... and I really don't need filth, and stolen food, and being abused as a maid, and insults, and being harrassed with porn, getting woken at 3am because them drunkards decide to start a party with other strange people who walk into your bedroom an hour later, stinking of booze and fags; or start a gasoline fire in the garden, melting the lawn furniture or steal stuff from the neighbors for fun.

So let party people share a house and drain their brain, and let people who actually care about getting a good degree share another. It's just about finding the right people. Which is a bitch to do in Bournemouth.
Anyways, so I have had a few cool people come round, but one of them was creepy as hell, others never bothered to call back or called back to tell me they were not interested.
Fair enough.

Today I had this couple come round, and they fell in love with the rooms - they actually wanted to pay the deposit today cos they wanted to make sure they'll get the rooms. And what can I say - they were the nicest people EVER. So sweet and kind and fun, and actually asking me if I can imagine living with them. They are actually people I massively look forward to live with. You just know when the chemistry is perfect. I had that with Sarah last year, and she is the loveliest girl ever.

My housemate Russell said a tad defiantly, "Well, they won't be able to replace me!" Well, of course not, Russ - that is the cool thing with unique people. True, I will miss Dom and Russ and Sarah very much... and even Steve, even though he always whines about generally everything. But he is a good laugh. You should see Russ and Steve together, arguing... they're like an old married couple, it is hilarious! Steve "my computer/TV is better than yours" "I get more sweet lovin than you, Russell" "It's bloody hot in here" "That song is shite" and Russ "Steven you knob jockey, can I bum you?" "Steven, are you touching yourself and thinking of me?", playing serenades to Dom on the guitar outside the bathroom while Dom is on the loo - they are just pure entertainment.

I had a good year with all of them, and I am grateful for that.

Good day for me. Yay! :bounces:

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