Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Weird dreams

I could fill books with them, honestly. For years, I did not dream at all - or at least I couldn't remember them. And I kinda missed dreaming. Dreams are cool... always crazy stuff happening, and some of them are good story material. Hey, and digging around in my muddy subconscious is therapeutic. Or at least entertaining.

I have had some strange dreams in the past months which I wrote down, and I will prolly post them by and by.
Anyway, the one last night is really blurry, and I just remember a few pictures, but they were quite vivid.
I was at the Oceanarium, or the Berlin Zoo... you know how places sometimes mix in dreams, or you know that this is a particular place you know even if it looks totally different?
I guess it must have been the Oceanarium, cos it had all those fish tanks. And I guess the dream equivalent of Jimbo the Fishmaster (TM) just introduced us to two new species that were featured in one tank. I can hardly describe them, and I don't know anymore what they were called, but both were quite ferocious fish... preying fish, one mildly related to sharks (or they hunted sharks, inspite of their much smaller size, because their bite was so evil). The other one was one of those bigmouthed fish who tended to swallow whole whatever it could get a hold of. Except that it had some pretty nasty row of teeth as well. And it had another talent which we discovered soon: it could regenerate.
At one point we looked into the tank and saw the latter fish float around ... and its head was missing. Instead, there was a gaping hole. Sharkeater was out of sight. We pitied it massively, but suddenly we noticed that it wasn't floating in a current, it was actually swimming. And first we thought it was just some last reflexes, but it seemed a pretty happy fish... just with no head. At some point the gaping hole faced us, and we saw the incredible. The ring of that hole showed the first signs of a row of quite sharp teeth. It looked like a fish that just ended in these massive jaws, no eyes... which protruded later,from tiny patches, into full-grown eyeballs... flicking and dark and cold. It spotted a rare crab, and before we knew it, it had swallowed it whole, just the tips of the legs were still sticking out.
Jimbo was pissed off and knocked on the glass because he wanted the crab back, but there wasn't much he could do.
And then it happened. Sharkeater appeared from behind a rock, and just as we were wondering whether they would ever attack each other... they did. Funny enough, this fighting soundtrack began to play immediately, and masses of people gathered around the tank to observe the spectacle.
Sharkeater attacked Jaws, and tore its back fin. Jimbo winced, his precious fish were eating each other!
Jaws immediately struck back, and both began to hunt each other, tearing each other to shreds. They were bloody killing machines. Jimbo knocked on the glass like mad to get them apart, but they ignored him completely. You didn't want to stick your hand in there, trust me. Not for a million.

That's all I can remember, really... anyone want to have a go at analysing this? And then tell me something about me that I don't know! ;)

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