Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Weird dreams Part II

Sequels seem to be the craze, so I hop on the bandwagon as well. I just woke up and decided to write this down before I forget.

Once more, I just remember bits and pieces.
Two friends of mine and I were at the top of a building, taking the lift down. One of my friends had borrowed a book from me...I think it was a C.S. Lewis one, "God in the Dock", or "Surprised by Joy", I don't remember. So it was treasured to me. C.S. Lewis is my guru! ;)
Anyways, my friend left this book on a ledge up there. I looked at it, wondering why the hell she didn't take it along, but never said anything, cos I thought she probably had good reason, cos she did it in full awareness... it was just weird. Halfway down I asked her why she hadn't taken it along.
Oh, she said. Ooops. I'll get you a new copy somewhere.
It must have been in Germany, because I said: You don't get C.S. Lewis in regular bookstores.
Oh, she said.
Why don't you go back up and retrieve it? I asked, and the idea seemed totally strange to her, but...doable. Ok, she said, slowly, giving me The Look (TM).
What the hell does that tell me? Stop making everything complicated? But I'm German! That's my effin job!

And why is it that the most logical, common sense things are the weirdest things in dreams?
Makes you think, huh? Life as we know it is a construct, for the most.
God I am such a nerd.

Another dream was a "Swing Kids" hostage situation. Dunno if you have seen "Swing Kids". I love the film. The music is WICKED! Just realised a while ago that the new Guinness commercial with the moths sports one of the tunes... and I totally and utterly love it.
Swing is the only music that makes me want to dance... and that means a lot, considering how much I hate dancing. I met a Swing Kid once, but that is another story and shall be told another time. Anyone who can tell me where this quote comes from gets a cookie!

Anyways... it must have been the 1930s, because there was wicked swing music playing and everyone wore the clothes.
I dunno how we got into this hostage situation, but we had to tie each other up, cos the hostage takers were lazy sods, and they threatened us. I asked if I was allowed to listen to music on my walkman, but they didn't like that cos they thought I could use it to send messages to the police outside.
For some reason, half the time people wondered whether it was real or not, but it felt pretty damn real.

Keanu Reeves (hubba hubba) was one of the evil guys, walking around with a mobile phone. At some point he wanted to shoot someone because he had accused him of sending a text message to the police outside, giving them details about the situation.
I suddenly jumped up. Stop!, I yelled.
Everyone looked at me.
You're a bunch of idiots, I said. This isn't real.
Yes it is, said Keanu, confused and mildly insulted.
No it isn't, I said. If this is the 1930s, why the f*** are you walking around with a mobile? There were no mobile phones in the 1930s.
Aaaaaah, went the crowd, amazed why they hadn't realised this earlier.
Damn, said Keanu.
Thus, he had no choice but to release us, now that this sham was exposed.
We're released? asked some hostages, in disbelief.
Yes, said others. Because mobiles hadn't been invented yet in the 30s.
I had saved the day. Clever me. Hehe.
For some bloody reason, as I packed up to leave, I seemed to have lots of I had decided to move in with the bad guys. (Keanu Reeves? Hubba hubba. Make room in your closet baby, I'm movin in!)
I had a big duffel bag full of stuff (weird stuff like childhood toys I haven't seen in a decade, and oven gloves, and a box of more stuff, and I had to go outside and ask mother, who was waiting for me, to get some more boxes.
At this point I was certain that this was a dream. Mother, waiting for me, in tears. Like that's gonna happen.

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