Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Catch my breath

Ah, I am sorry I haven't posted in a while. Just been running around in small circles, doing the headless chicken. Well, not that way, sicko. ;)
This morning, I have finally finished off my research report. About bloody time, cos I gotta hand it in tomorrow. Well, today actually, cos as soon as I have bound it, I will hand in the fucker. :) It was amazingly interesting and valuable to me... but I hope I can convince Sue of its value, cos she is giving me the mark for it. I just found so much that I had wanted to put in, and I find word limits so bloody annoying cos they amputate all my work's limbs, kinda. I dunno why the hell I want to get into editing and publishing, cos I suck at it.

These next weeks will be incredibly busy. I have to finish off my writing file for wicked Bob, my lecturer... you know, when I like teachers, I really don't want to disappoint them, it's like screwing up is an insult to them. I know, I'm such a nerd. Heh.
Then exams are looming around the corner, and I haven't even started revision yet.
So many cool things have happened, there are a million drafts I can't work on until after exams, it is frustrating to have to put it aside.
So please don't abandon me... stuff will be coming :).

On Tuesday, I have met my first WWDN monkey, Mike from London. He came down for a meeting at the arts institute, which is next to my uni, and we had some coffee and booze together and chatted. Mike is really really cool and fun, and totally reminds me of Zac, I dunno why, and I will talk about it more when I got some time to write. By then I will probably have pictures, as well. :)

\m/ Mike \m/ :D

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