Sunday, April 04, 2004

Strangers are friends Part II

One of the things my landlords and I have agreed on - quite sensibly, I reckon - is for the whole group of future housemates to meet up and getting to know each other before signing a contract that puts us all into the same house for a year.
I didn't really have worries about it, but it was a nice occasion, and so all of us decided to meet at Dylan's, our uni bar, last nite... but when we got there (thru storm and rain, of course), it turned out it was hired for a private party. We were a bit dumbfounded by this, especially since any other decent pub is a bus trip away. But I had the splendid idea for us to go to my place and watch videos and have some of the party leftovers (mostly booze), which everyone was quite pleased about.
My new housemates are this really sweet couple, Alex and Laura, and Adam and Rob, who study at the Arts institute. And what can I say, I have a fantastic feeling about this. I cannot believe how great and sweet everyone is, and I love them to death already.

So we drank lots of wine, and martini (LIDL is great - cheap, good booze!), and advocaat, and beer, and watched Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. The first time I saw that was at the guys' house in cowtown, and I was just curing the flu or something with antibiotics, but peer pressure drove me to having a beer with my mates. One piece of advice - don't mix the two, and that film, or you will be in for one helluva FREAKY experience.
Anyways, we just screamed with laughter all the time, and afterwards, Adam was digging thru the videos and found, with shrieks of excitement, my Family Guy DVD Dom gave me for my birthday.
And I knew I would have a fantastic year with them.
Because they are completely obsessed with Family Guy and the likes. And even better: they QUOTE!
They know Family Guy BY HEART!!!
I am still planning on learning the "Willy Wonka-Drinking" song from the Wasted Talent episode, and they know it!!!!!
This is the most bizarre thing to have in common with someone, but it rocks!!!
We are definitely on the same wavelength.... at least I feel that at the moment. You can just tell the difference when you have made new friends or just new aquaintances.
We had a blast, and when they left, Rob gave me a genuinely friendly hug. It does feel like they are not just gonna be housemates, but new friends.

They are, cheesy as it may sound, an answer to my prayers. And I mean that literally. You can't take good people for granted.

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