Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Blessings like summer rain

Amazing little things keep happening!!

I have just received an email from my mate Adam... he and his (pregnant!) wife have decided to move back to Berlin the end of June!!! Which means not only that I will see them this summer, but also that I'll be around when the baby is born!!!!

Another cool thing is that I just found out that Elizabeth, the nice lady from the uni cafeteria where I always buy my coffee, just lives a couple of houses down the road from me!!!

Peter will come to see me by the end of the week.

I ran into Roman, Marina, Roger and Kevin today at uni and we had nice chats and some good laughs.

We've got new neighbors, and they seem to kick ass.

On my way to uni, two of the horses were by the fence of the nearby pasture, and let me pet them.

Two blackbirds are gathering bits for their nest in our garden.

It is beautifully hot and sunny in Bournemouth, and I am wearing my favorite happy flower shirt.


I am so happy right now it is almost scary.

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