Thursday, July 15, 2004

Back home

I am back home in Germany. Considering that England is really just around the corner, my trip took ages. My flight from Stansted was cheap, but to make up for that, it was at 6.25a. As there are no buses or trains going there that early, I had to catch a bus the evening before and stay at the airport overnight. Yeah, the fun. But it wasn’t as bad as I expected. I had three hours of waiting at London Victoria for my connecting bus to Stansted, so I dumped my bag at the left luggage department and went to the pub. Heh. Had a nice cheap meal and some cider. 
Sleeping at the airport proved more difficult than expected. See, I thought no one is as idiotic as me, taking such an early flight, so I thought I could crash on some seats. But hundreds of people had the same idea, and when I got there, the airport was packed! Stansted is crap for sleeping, because the waiting hall just has tiles, no carpet. So as there were no empty seats, I crashed on the floor, depositing myself half over and across my luggage to deter pickpockets, and tried to sleep, while my butt turned numb with cold on the floor. I don’t have to mention the obligatory pins and needles, right? So that meant I slept in 30 min intervals.
Finally made it to departure (nearly missed my flight cos I fell asleep again at the terminal), and back home.
It’s so weird to be back. Gah, everyone speaks German! The first day always feels like someone put a mixer in my ear… hearing your own language again after such a long time feels like a shoe that doesn’t fit. When I talk, it feels awkward, like my tongue is trying to move pebbles around in my mouth.
Dad picked me up and we went to our garden, had breakfast and then I just crashed in the garden and slept for 2 hours. It’s so nice to sleep outdoors. 

Ah, there is sweet news. I am officially an aunt! YAY! My little brother and his girlfriend have gotten engaged months ago without telling anyone. Sheesh.
Anyways, his fiancĂ© has a one-year-old baby daughter (not his biologically, but who cares). And if you have ever been under the illusion that your baby is the cutest, I’m sorry, but I have to correct you. Little Jessie is quite clearly the cutest thing that ever toddled this planet. She’s got the cutest face with huge blue eyes full of wonder and curiosity. She is quite a personality, low maintenance, sweet as pie, and her facial expressions leave you in stitches. When she smiles, her ears lift up a little so the corners of her mouth have room in her face, and her astonished look is just priceless: her eyes get really big and wide and her little mouth forms an o while she points at whatever gets her. Ah, I love the little thing. I saw her and fell without a shot being fired. It is quite scary because I am a happy single and until now couldn’t imagine having kids in the next two decades at least, but little Jessie got all my mother instincts in full throttle. I wanna go and spend all my money on toys and baby stuff and take her everywhere and play with her and cuddle…  :)            
It is so weird to see my baby brother being called Papa.  :D

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