Sunday, July 04, 2004

Physiologically Accessorised

His name is Kevin, and when he is good, I call him Bob.
He lives on my left temple, dragging behind my left eyebrow because he is little and can't keep up, just like a baby elephant.
Bob is my third eyebrow.

Some of you may think that it is freaky, having a rudiment body part. It kinda runs in my family: my uncle and my cousin both were born with six fingers on each hand/six toes on each foot. If I have ever had a twin that I absorbed, then his/her eyebrow is the only thing that made it to the surface.
Either way, I am very attached to Bob.
A hairdresser in Texas once offered me to wax Bob off, but I recoiled in terror! Bob, my bosom friend and temple warmer on so many a bitter winter's day! Murdered!

Bob is hairy and cool, and I wear him with pride.

If Bob was gone, I'd feel like an amputee.

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