Sunday, July 04, 2004

The Leprechauns made me do it

Ah, so the saga continues.
*notices that people begin to sneak out and avoid eye contact*

OY! Where do you think YOU'RE going?

OK, then, gather 'round, children.

One place you've got to see in Dublin is The Brazen Head, which is apparently the oldest pub in Ireland. Of course, I am sure there is about ten of those in the area, rivalling for that title. Either way, it's worth it, cos it is a really cool pub, really cosy, and quite cheap to get a good pint...
There was just one thing that I had to voice my disapproval over: don't they know this is one of the Deadly Sins of Guinness?

Not sure about this ad... am I the only one finding the thought of a "hurling championship" disturbing?

Oh, and I've got this funny story as well:
One of our temporary roomies was a Brit called Malcolm. Yes, he had to suffer the "Malcolm in the middle" references. Malcolm was alright, and one day he called me over to show me his German phrase book. My jaw dropped.
That phrasebook had several pages gearing towards "relationships" (I'd say rather, relations). Which isn't that big of a deal, I reckon. But what nearly made me wet myself was that it had a whole page on dirty talk.
I mean, honestly, who is actually memorisingphrases like that? Just to be prepared for the occasion? Or even worse, who would, in the middle of getting jiggy with it, flip out the phrase book and start leafing through it, just so he/she can tell his bejigged, "Hold it a sec... wait a minute... oh, there it is. Yeah, f***k me harder/slower/faster/etc."
It doesn't even make sense. If you can make enough conversation to actually get to score, then I am sure some dirty phrases won't NOT be part of your vocab. I mean, we all know that is the first stuff people learn in a new language. Which leaves me with the conclusion that this chapter is kinda aimed at hooker business. Especially since I actually found the phrase: "I don't do it without protection", which is just such a stereotype hooker phrase. Nice. Picture the modern foreign language class: "Where is the restaurant? One beer, please! Where can I buy stamps? How much for a blowjob?"

But the thing that really cracked me up was the next page, which - yes! - gave you phrases for post-coital conversation.
I swear, it actually gave you a German translation for: "That was amazing/weird."
For crying out loud, weird?????
Holy cow... what kind of trips do those people go on?

One time we went out to eat at the Knightbridge Bar, which is part of the Arlington Hotel. The KB is a HUGE pub designed to look medieval. There were those armors there, which I found, was totally a Bill & Ted moment, so I had to air-guitar them.
This is me, looking touristy-pleased.
Knightsbridge is great for lunch, cos they are cheap and generous. They advertise themselves by promising the great Irish experience, and Riverdances and whatnot. When you are in there at noon, the place looks like it has potential. However, it has been terribly misused. We dragged some people from the hostel there, promising this what we thought cool place, and when we walked in in the evening... it was full of lethargic bus tourist grannies who mechanically clapped and smiled granny-like at the 3 youngsters delivering a severely amputated version of the Riverdance... it was as set up for tourists as you can imagine, and any craic one may have sensed in there had a big stamp saying "Made in Taiwan" on it, built to fall into pieces at the slightest blow. Our new friends eyed us suspiciously, questioning the state of our mind/taste at encountering this wet mopping rag of a delivered promise. Needless to say, we were no longer the Kool Kids (TM) after that.

The flight back went ok, and I got to go on the coolest plane ever. Dom went to Brussels to go to a Rock Festival, and I went home to Bournemouth. On the way to my terminal, I walked into this gift shop and found the most amazing stuffed animals ever: The Clinically Depressed Edition!!! I nearly bought one, but they didn't accept my card.

When going through security, I just got worried at some point. I bought this little Viktor the Viking for my brother's girlfriend's little daughter... not without a twinge of worry... would his sword be considered a weapon and a threat to National Security? Thank God the Irish still have their wits together. Oops. There is a sentence I thought I would never say! (Just kiddn! The Irish are mad and I love them for it!)

All in all it was a wicked trip and craic was had by all.

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